Three Years of Operation under our belt at Ham ‘n Scram

“Quality Food Served Quickly”…” Like Nothing Else in Southern California” …”Home of the HamCake” – all these taglines describe Ham ‘n Scram.  Sept 1, 2013 marked our 3-year anniversary and we’re still going strong! Many thought we wouldn’t make it. Sometimes we thought the same. Forrest & Jeremy started Ham ‘n Scram with no Food Service experience in a very depressed economy in a small, hard to find location. We thrive. Ham ‘n Scram is laser-focused on Ham. We dare you to find a place in SoCal that does ham like we do, as good as we do, as friendly as we do.  

Our name Ham ‘n Scram, truly describes our mission: Provide the highest quality meal choices quickly, the way you want it, so you can get on with the things in your day that are important to you! People have found us by word-of-mouth, Google search engines, yelp, drive-bys, newspaper reviews, high school ads, news stories, etc. It’s been our experience that once we have you, we got you!! You will be back!
Maybe you wonder what we bring to the table. Our signature Breakfast Burrito sells 7-to-1 over all other menu items. Our Burrito consistently ranks in the topfive of Orange County Yelp reviews (organic growth). Our Soups (Split Pea & Three Bean) are always available & always made from scratch- with guess-what, Ham. Our Corn (Ham) Chowder is a Friday favorite; some customers come only on Fridays & only for the chowder. We recently introduced completely unique “HamCakes”- quickly becoming a Ham ‘n Scram favorite, too.
We want to expand our market through expansion, but that will take time. Someday we’ll be a household word (in SoCal, at least). Until then, we are quite satisfied with providing every customer with Great Service, a smile and ultimately a Great Meal.

We hope to see you soon (then again & again) at Ham ‘n Scram!!

Real Ham…Real Good from Ham ‘n Scram

As the days and months go on, Ham ‘n Scram grows. We are happy and gratified
that friends tell friends, coworkers tell coworkers, children tell parents & vice versa and so on and so on. We know we have something unique…now many people
know we have a unique offering and continue to spread the word. Our Staff
has grown a bit, too. We recently added Alexis to our family, she pulls counter-
duty (part-time) and along with Jeremy, Rob, Mikey and I rounds out our cast of
characters. We have a steady flow of new faces that soon join our existing mass of
regular faces. On & on it goes…

Our original goal remains the same: Serve Quality Food, fairly priced. The added
benefit is to enjoy the many people and personalities that pass through our
store and see the delight on their faces as the discover us, our food and receive
the “Ham ‘n Scram Experience”. Thanks to our many customers! Your regular visits
and rock-solid feedback allow us to flourish.

Recent Ham ‘n Scram Milestones:

Voted in the OC Register “Top 25 Restaurants of 2011”

“Award of Excellence” awarded from OC Health Department

Over 100 Yelp Reviews (with 4½ Star Rating out-of-5)

Holiday Ham Give Away!

The title says it all. With the Holidays approaching fast, we are once again offering whole and half hams to be the center piece of your holiday feast. After celebrating our First Anniversary we are very Thankful to all of our Loyal Customers without whom we would not be here. This year as a Thank You. We are giving away a Half Ham to one lucky customer. All you need to do to be entered is to sign up for our Newsletter. . Everyone who is signed up to our Newsletter by the end of November 16, will automatically be entered into our drawing which will be held on November 18. Good Luck to All of Our Loyal Customers!

Pre-Order Details: Click on the tab to get to the pre-order page. We will be accepting Pre-Orders for Thanksgiving until the end of business November 18. Our hams are sold by the pound for $4.75/lb. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

Happy Anniversary!!! Our First Year in Review!

Ham ‘n Scram‘s first year can best be described as “Introduction”.  We introduced Ham ’n Scram to the community, we introduced bone-in, smoked Ham as an entrée centerpiece to Southern California. The community in-turn introduced themselves to us (singly and in groups). We now have a number of ‘new’ friends and are pleased to serve their demand for ham. Personally, Ham ‘n Scram introduced new dishes, schedules and procedures. We like what has evolved to date and anxiously await what the next year will bring in terms of growth, challenges and relationships.

Ham ‘n Scram has grown dramatically over the last 12 months in transactions and skills. Forrest & Jeremy (owners) brought no food background to the Ham ‘n Scram party. Jeremy’s desire, determination and our attention to detail powered the flavor and steady refinement of our signature dishes.

Ham ‘n Scram participated in a number of community activities. Highlights include: Five Counties Wrestling Tournament (Feb) in Fountain Valley, Classic Car Meet at Westminster High School (May). Ham ‘n Scram was invited to be a “Food Partner” at the (Nike) U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach (Aug). All of these activities helped us grow and refine our processes helping us provide solid and consistent meal offerings.

The community feedback and acceptance has been phenomenal! Local Yelp reviews have been stellar from the beginning and we recently received a great review (on-line & in print) from the local Orange County Register. Thank you ALL for your support. We look forward to your continued support and will strive daily to satisfy your demand for HAM.